Animated Gif Challenge

Found pics from 2001 High School Marching Band Banquet. Posted them on Facebook. Then this happened, (convo with the man on the left:)


Challenge Accepted and Completed! (if it doesn’t animate, click the image, it’ll open in a new window.)


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May 25, 2013 · 11:37 pm

Nap Time Doodle Dump 2

More sketches from breaks and nap time at my day care job, these range from January through March.


008 023062 063 041 025 004 007 041

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Orchestra Tacet Sketches 1

Over the past few years, I’ve played on and off with the Robert’s Wesleyan College Community Orchestra. As a percussionist, and one that can’t go to all rehearsals, I end up  with small parts and get a lot of rests and tacets.  (A tacet is a movement or long period of music in which a player does not play. Rather then writing out a page of rests, the music will say “tacet” after the title of said movement.)  During tacet times in rehearsals I take out my sketch book and have some fun!

Here are my tacet sketches from late 2012 and this spring.


just a note- Doesn’t matter WHO i’m sketching, if I don’t like how my drawing turns out I add goofy facial features, piercings, or expressions. It makes a bad drawing funny.

014 001 060 025 027

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Easy Easter Egg Dying Secrets!

Every year on Good Friday I listen to Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell while dying my Easter Eggs. Every year I “perfect” my egg dying technique. Its quite fun, and something I always look forward to in a busy Holy Week.

For my hard boiled eggs I only use household products and Paas Easter Egg dye, no fancy paints, no expensive dyes. Just Paas, actually 2 packets of paas.


Two packages of dye, per one package’s instructed amounts of water and vinegar  In other words twice the amount of dye per cup of water. The past few years I’ve been more liberal with the vinegar (then what is labeled on the box) which helps the little dye pellets to dissolve better, and I think helps make the colors brighter. I fill up 6 tea cups with the water and vinegar mixture (as listed on package), pair up the dye pellets by color and plop them into the cups. Nothing fancy or hard!  Let the eggs sit in the dye for as long as it takes to get your desired shade.


*Plaid Eggs and other designs: I use Q-tips as paint brushes! Whatever is painted on the egg needs to be traced several times to get color that isn’t so pale.  With plaid eggs, I create stripes of one color horizontally, and then again vertically. Pick another color and do the same, perhaps in thicker or thinner lines, keeping the horizontal pattern the same as the vertical one. The dyes layer quite nicely for the plaid effect.  I’ve also used Q-tips to create swirls and polka dots.

*Tie Dyed/Swirls :  Experiment with different kinds of paper towels, napkins and facial tissues. Crumple up one of the above paper products, and then wrap an egg in it. Using a spoon pour different colors on different parts of the wrapped egg and let the it sit. That’s it! Different types of towels have different textures on them which can give different effects. The longer you keep the egg wrapped in the saturated towel, the darker the colors will be. Sometimes I will also dye an egg a lighter shade, and then “tie dye” it with a towel, its also a good way to cover up bland eggs and failed coloring experiments.

*Mixed colors: The real grass green (second row, second egg) color is from setting the egg in yellow the most amount of time, then green for a shorter length, and then just a few dips in orange. Red-Orange  (second row, first egg,) is equal amounts of times in both red and orange (go figure!), though I may have dipped it in yellow a few times. Indigo Blue (first row, fifth egg) is from very long and equal exposures to blue and purple.

*Speckles: Sort of a failed plan, I sprinkled salt on a wet egg, and let it dry. However if the egg hadn’t sat long in dye, or if I didn’t let the salt sit on the egg long enough it would only leave very minimal specks, that don’t show up in the photo.The only one that really worked is this Red-Orange egg.

Do you have any secret dying tips to share? What’s been successful for you?

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Nap Time Doodles 1

I got a job at a day care center. I get to take care of, play with, entertain, feed, and chase around tiny humans. My one moment of quiet rest on the job is nap time. Thus Nap Time Doodles were born. (Its even more fun when you sing the title to the melody of Juke Box Hero by Foreigner.) I LOVE my new job!! Playing with kids all day is crazy fun!





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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (Sketches!)

Thank you to everyone who followed my Christmas music countdown! Christmas Eve, Day and week were very busy for me and my family, and hopefully for you, too! I know I didn’t have much time for blogging or interneting. My blog has never received so many hits before (average about 10 a day- which is enough for me!) and most likely because I was just updating each day, but I think I may do a countdown like that again next December. However I may stick to a theme. .. either Christmas movies or strictly Christian based Christmas carols. Speaking of that, I LOVE singing Christmas carols,and there just aren’t recordings of all of them, which kind  of bums me out. Singing in church for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is what makes Christmas so special for me and my family.

I hope you all had a family filled Christmas, and please have a safe and fun New Year’s.




I saw this happen. (2009)


Drawn in 2007 or 2008, the Ghosts from Scrooged

Buddy_the_Elf_by_musicsuperspaz (1)

Buddy! (2010)


This year’s Christmas doodle: Cousin Eddie, from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! YAY!

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Countdown of Christmas Tunes No. 23

Getting close and I’m running out of ideas!

*December 23* So This is Christmas – John Lennon


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Countdown of Christmas Tunes No. 22

*December 22* You are a Mean One, Mr. Grinch…

Where would this world be with out the writings and illustrations of Theodore Geisel, AKA Dr. Suess?

The songs of the Whos may be catchy, but nothing beats this song about how  horrible the Grinch is. Don’t act like the Grinch, kids,  you’ll get nothing but coal for Christmas!  Though Boris Karloff narrated The Grinch who Stole Christmas, singer  Thurl Ravenscroft provided the singing for the television special and the recorded soundtrack. The Grinch who Stole Christmas first aired in 1966. The video below is just a selection of the whole song.

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Countdown of Christmas Tunes no. 21

*December 21* Duke Ellington and his Jazz Orchestra- Jingle Bells

Fun Fact: Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving tune!

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Countdown of Christmas Tunes no. 20

*December 20* Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town- Jackson 5

Nothing beats an adorable little Michael Jackson.  From the Jackson 5 Christmas album, this was released in 1970. I’m not a big fan of this song in general, but I love this version because Michael sure can sing, the bass line is groovy and you can dance to this version! Its not dry and square like other versions of the tune.



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